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Communicate better, because…

Hey, baby!


Communication is THE key to success in every aspect of your life— at home and in your career. All of your Relationships, Friendships, Partnerships, and your own Leadership, are created through your ability to cleanly, clearly and persuasively communicate. And…

Communication is Speaking & Listening.

You can learn to Speak and Listen in a manner that…

Opens up possibilities… Calls forth Intuition, Imagination and Spirit… Gets quickly to the 'Heart-of-the-Matter,' no matter what's the matter. That accomplishes your goals. Empowers your self and others. Informs, Involves, Inspires. That Heals…

Speaking & Listening is how we learn— everything. How we share ideas. How we do business. How we understand each other. How we 'fall in-like and in love'. It's how we make a difference and a profit. How we contribute and how we serve.

Speaking & Listening is the way we connect with all the other people in our world.

The way most people Speak & Listen is a habit— and a bad habit at that. Bad habits can be changed for the better. When you learn how.

Speaking & Listening are skills. You can become better— much better— at both. Quickly. When you learn how.

Communicate better. That's what we offer. What we'll teach you. That's our promise.

Is this for you?

Probably. Because most everybody will benefit by improving their skills to communicate better. And more competence always results in greater confidence.

Speaking & Listening is for anyone in relationship, friendship and partnership. Husbands, wives, parents and children, friends and lovers. Those whose jobs include sales and service. Leaders of companies, groups, organizations, teams & tribes. Teachers, coaches, counselors, managers, ministers, marketers. … and anybody else.

But here's the thing… You have to really want to communicate better, because becoming better at Speaking & Listening is hard work.

Think about this: To fully and completely LISTEN to another person requires that you manage your mind. That 'voice inside your head' is the #1 enemy of Listening. In order to really Listen, you'll need to have that voice shut up, while you focus intently on the words and music you're hearing. You suspend your opinions, mental-judging and internal dialogue shifting your attention to truly understanding who and how the other person is in the moment.

And this: The SPEAKING part is learning to ask questions. The 'Right Questions.' Most people focus on the problem. 'What's wrong questions.' What you focus on becomes the center of your conversation— and your life. What's wrong questions drain people's energy. What's right questions build our energy. Does that give you insight into why so many people are tired most of the time?

Getting better at Speaking and Listening isn't easy. So, make sure you're willing and able to do the work before you commit to learning this stuff. The good news is that even small improvements will yield significant results. Quickly.

One more thing before we get to what's here for you.

Speaking & Listening is a .com and an Inc. We're a commercial endeavor designed to make a profit. So, we offer Books, iCourses, Coaching and Consulting we hope you buy. That said, there's lots here for you in the Blog and Free Resources at no-change. One reason for that is we will not allow money-matters to prevent anybody from learning to Communicate better. Now…

What's here…

Not ready yet. Coming soon.

Here's what we're working on…

• Blog

Postings that Inform, Involve and Inspire. News, views, recommends & reviews. Perspective-setting stuff on what we're doing, with some small-talk and once-in-a-while a little propaganda. Updated a number of times each week.

There won't be a comment feature on the blog. Drive-by postings stink. No likes or stars or… either. So if you've questions about anything, or there's something you want to say or see covered, let us know. We'll read everything you send us. And respond.

• Free Resources

We're great believers in providing crazy value— then adding more. We're good at that. Articles, audios, videos, links of interest. Updated often, especially in the beginning.

• Subscribe

We go back and forth on this. And… we've decided to start with forth. You'll be able to receive the blog entries and important news (such as when a new resources is available) when posted via eMail. We abhor spam.

• Offerings

The book, SPEAKING and LISTENING You Don't Listen and You Talk Too Much, is (almost) ready for sale. It's done. Short and sweet: 30ish pages. Takes 17 minutes to read. And first available only as a kindle on Amazon. It will cost $1.

We're working on the iCourses.

There'll be a Basic, automated, five-session format iCourse, delivered as a pre-recorded webinar. You'll have access to your own private page for the videos, transcripts, resources and on-line workbook. We'll nail down the price soon. Affordable for sure.

The Advanced iCourse will be a 90-day program centered on the transformational technology of Call Partnership, and with weekly group coaching. Probably using Zoom. Costs more, but also affordable.

More? Will be. That's it. That's all for now.

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