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You've probably heard the term 'garbage in, garbage out'.

I've read that it originated in reference to computers, explaining how their output depends on their input… they'll process whatever's given to them, and so if they're 'fed garbage' then it's no surprise that what comes out is also garbage.

Our minds are a bit like that too. We're influenced by what we see and hear.


Feed me.

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I'm currently not providing an email newsletter… and may continue to not do so.

Why? I'm not sure it's appropriate.

I appreciate that we're all busy, and that a newsletter can be welcome news or a convenient reminder.

But there's other, and perhaps better, ways of delivering and receiving such info.

And that's what I'm doing.



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I'm currently relaunching and expanding this site.

There'll be a variety of useful resources… articles, audio & video.


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