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You've probably heard the term 'garbage in, garbage out'.

I've read that it originated in reference to computers, explaining how their output depends on their input… they'll process whatever's given to them, and so if they're 'fed garbage' then it's no surprise that what comes out is also garbage.

Our minds are a bit like that too. We're influenced by what we see and hear.

And in this era of 'free information everywhere', it's vital that we're careful about what we mentally consume.

Just as you wouldn't want to eat stuff which is unsuitable, your brain deserves better than some of the stuff in circulation.


Give your mind the wrong input and you'll get the wrong output.

Give your mind the right input and you'll get the right out put.

So, please be careful out there and think about what you're consuming.

Instead of 'garbage in, garbage out'… think 'greatness in, greatness out'.

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