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Feed me.

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I'm currently not providing an email newsletter… and may continue to not do so.

Why? I'm not sure it's appropriate.

I appreciate that we're all busy, and that a newsletter can be welcome news or a convenient reminder.

But there's other, and perhaps better, ways of delivering and receiving such info.

And that's what I'm doing.

Rather than compose and send messages to a mailing list, I'll use these notes.

Because anything added here is 'available everywhere, instantly', I'm thus able to spread info faster (than with a conventional a daily/weekly/monthly newsletter)… and further (to more people than just those who've signed-up).

And because everything published in 'Notes' is also available by rss and email, those who want to receive it by email can easily do so.

Others, incuding Seth Godin, do this too:

The very best way to keep up with Seth Godin and his writing, his free ebooks and possible seminars is to visit his blog. And the best way to keep up on his blog is to subscribe to his RSS feed.

On that same page is the option to get Seth's blog feed via email.

All of the special offers which would have been sent by newsletter can be included here, so nobody loses-out.

And I can free-up the time which would have been spent on managing a newsletter.

Never miss a Note… get updates by email or rss.